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Personal Outcome Measures

The Council on Quality and Leadership's Personal Outcome Measures® focus on:

My Self:
People are connected to natural support networks
People have intimate relationships
People are safe
People have the best possible health
People exercise rights
People are treated fairly
People are free from abuse and neglect
People experience continuity and security
People decide when to share personal information

My World:
People choose where and with whom they live
People choose where they work
People use their environments
People live in integrated environments
People interact with other members of the community
People perform different social roles
People choose services

My Dreams:
People choose personal goals
People realize personal goals
People participate in the life of the community
People have friends
People are respected

Once a person-directed plan is created, it is often modified by the person along the way, throughout the year, as needs and personal goals change. At least annually, the person and the team gather to discuss the plan and modify it.

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