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From My Pad to Yours is about leadership and other topics, and is written by Art Dykstra, Director of the Trinity Consulting Group.


by Art Dykstra | Sep 06, 2017

Cooperation can be defined as “being willing to work with others,” as well as “wanting to work jointly with others.” Collaboration is about working together. “Willing to and wanting to” are clearly on the same spectrum but once again, there’s the added dimension of feeling and motivation when we are collaborating. We get much more done when we collaborate than when we work as individuals–assuming we stay on task and work within established time frames. There are many times in organizations when collaboration is more important than individual leadership.

Collaboration occurs among direct support staff, team leaders, coordinators, middle managers and directors. It happens when they do committee work and training sessions. Collaborative projects can also occur when team members are apart but working for the same goal, such as carrying out an objective related to a treatment or service plan, implementing an organizational policy or procedure, communicating important information regarding a person receiving services or simply sharing helpful facts. Collaboration is truly a source of organizational strength.

The underlying attitude in the approach comes from a desire to be helpful to others, recognizing that we accomplish more when our efforts are coordinated and in harmony. Working collaboratively is much more of a challenge than when we work on our own. The fact is, each member of the team is interdependent. We are not individual employees just carrying out our assigned duties; we are part of a bigger and more rewarding effort.

On some occasions people use the word teamwork to describe the goal of every staff person working together. At Trinity, we have teams meet in an attempt to reach consensus on how we can best support the people we serve in reaching their goals. Problems that arise must be solved through joint efforts, not individually.  The team collaborates so that every person on the team knows exactly what goals the person is striving for and how we can best support the person in achieving them.

Individuals working in collaboration are working in partnership, that is, engaging and cooperating, suggesting and encouraging. The willingness to listen openly to other team members and consider new ideas is imperative. Collaboration and leadership are the book ends of Trinity’s “Everything Counts” model of organizational performance.

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