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Achieving Outcomes

by Art Dykstra | Sep 20, 2017

In its most basic form, outcome achievement is about results, about hitting the target and hopefully the bull’s eye. What is really being measured or accomplished from a business perspective—return on investment? James Cribbin, writing in his book, Leadership, suggests other returns: “Return on ideas, return on improvement and information, return on individuals, return on interactions, return on interface, return on integrity, return on ‘enthusiality’—which is one part enthusiasm and one part vitality.”

The significant outcomes that we are concerned about at Trinity come through planning and establishing measurable goals and objectives. The outcomes we seek are both organizational and programmatic. In terms of organizational performance, we seek such outcomes as:

  • Having a budget where revenue exceeds expense
  • Maintaining high levels of employee satisfaction and retention
  • Achieving high standards of regulatory compliance
  • Maintaining accreditation
  • Delivering outstanding customer satisfaction.

In the context of services and supports, the emphasis is on:

  • Enabling program participants to achieve personal outcomes
  • Supporting the achievement of personal priority goals
  • Helping individuals find jobs
  • Assisting individuals to become more independent and self-directive
  • Celebrating victories
  • Seeing people flourish. 

In addition, other specific results and outcomes are being pursued at the home, program, school and center level. Key performance indicators are developed and tracked to ensure the fact that we are achieving goals, making progress and moving ahead. We also ask ourselves, “Are we finishing what we start?” A dynamic organization cannot work on all things, all of the time. There is a sense of timing and an understanding of organizational capacity and the need to set priorities. It is perhaps obvious, but we all feel good when we achieve results and get to cross things off our list.

When progress does occur, it may result in dramatic increases or occur in the smallest of increments. Whatever the timing, it is important that we are knowledgeable of individual achievement so we can celebrate subsequent accomplishments. We do this because we as staff are working to assist the people we serve so that they might live more full and abundant lives.

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