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Wellness, Adaptive Skills and Vocational Engagement (WAVE)

WAVE offers a wide range of services to people with varying levels of ability, providing opportunities for discovery through classroom environments, workplace settings and throughout the local area.   WAVE focuses on gaining the skills needed to find a job, maintain personal finances, live independently, and become more self-reliant.  One of the most unique features of the WAVE program is  participants learn how to grow and maintain meaningful relationships, such as friendships, what it takes to be a valued co-worker and how to be a strong team member.

 Supported Employment Services

Often times there can be substantial barriers to employment for people with disabilities.  Some barriers may be the absence of certain social skills, the need for additional prompting or the use of adaptive equipment.  However, everyone has a skill to offer, and anyone has the potential to become employed.

Trinity offers Supported Employment Services through the WAVE program which seeks to help individuals  identify their strengths, create job goals, and reach career aspirations.

 Participants in this program have access to the following supports;

  • Transition services
  • On-site assessments
  • Self guided job exploration
  • Personal employment planning
  • Training to enhance job seeking and retention skills
  • Job development and placement
  • Job coaching
  • Job follow along
  • Disability awareness training


For more information contact Lauren Wilson, Program Coordinator, by phone at 775-857-2500 or email

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