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The WAVE program (wellness, adaptive skills, vocational, employment) is a community-based program that offers various educational, recreational and pre-vocational opportunities. Set up much like a school curriculum, participants enjoy core courses and club activities. Individuals take part in six sessions a day and then choose a club to attend to finish out their day. Curriculum consists of such topics as, Money Management, Personal Hygiene, Arm Chair Travel, Nature and Wildlife, Diet & Nutrition, Exercise and Safety. During their lunch hour participants are exposed to a wide variety of hobbies in which to participate. Participants have an opportunity weekly to engage in community experiences where they participate in activities offered around town.

For those individuals who are interested in earning a pay check, the WAVE program offers job shadowing and job carving. Individuals are given an opportunity to work on a variety of tasks. A unique aspect of the WAVE program is the opportunity for community involvement and building relationships. We have worked hard to develop a structured program that offers many opportunities for learning.

The WAVE program also offers an opportunity for individuals who participate in our Supported Employment program  to receive assistance in becoming employed - often for the first time. Job-seekers are guided through the process of identifying a preferred job, applying for the job, and then interviewing. After obtaining employment, on –the-job support from a job coach is available as needed. This type of service enables persons with disabilities to achieve independence through employment, earning their own money, and being a responsible and valued member of their community.

 For more information on our Work Center or Job Support services please contact Lauren Wilson at 775-857-2500.

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