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What is the difference between a developmental disability and mental illness?

In general, a developmental disability refers to a severe, chronic disability of an individual that is attributable to a mental or physical impairment or combination of mental and physical impairments (such as a mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, etc.); is manifested before the age of 22; results in substantial functional limitation in three or more of the following areas of major life activity:


  • Self-care;
  • Receptive and expressive language;
  • Learning
  • Mobility
  • Self-Direction;
  • Capacity for independent living;
  • Economic self-sufficiency;

reflects the individual's need for a combination and sequence of special, interdisciplinary, or generic services, individualized supports, or other forms of assistance that are lifelong or extended duration and are individually planned and coordinated.

Adapted from: Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (DDAct) of 2000 (P.L. 106-402).

Mental illness is a term that describes a broad range of mental and emotional conditions. The most common forms of mental illness are anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, and schizophrenia. Mental illness also refers to one portion of the broader ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) term mental impairment, and is different from other covered mental impairments such as mental retardation, organic brain damage, and learning disabilities. The term psychiatric disability is used when mental illness significantly interferes with the performance of major life activities, such as learning, thinking, communicating, and sleeping, among others.

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Is Trinity Services a religious organization?

No. Trinity Services is not affiliated with any religious organization and serves and supports people of all faiths.

How is Trinity Services, Inc., funded?

Trinity receives funding from various sources, including the Office of Rehabilitative Services, Mental Health, and Developmental Disabilities of the Illinois Departments of Human Services, as well as Public Aid, Children and Family Services, local school districts and insurance payments. Donations from foundations, corporations, businesses, service organizations, and churches also support the work of the organization.

One of the fundamental principles that drives Trinity Services, Inc., is the simple idea that you cannot expect outside sources to support you if you don't make a genuine and earnest effort to help yourself. Putting this principle into practice, Trinity operates several support businesses:

  • Petals and Twigs, in New Lenox , is a retail gift shop specializing in silk, paper, and dried flower arrangements and other hand-made crafts.
  • SafeNow manufactures and packages environmentally safe and non-toxic cleaning products, which are specially formulated to be safe around and in the hands of people with disabilities.
  • The Cherry Hill Bookstore in Joliet offers the largest selection of books dedicated to disabilities in Will County.
  • High Tide Press in New Lenox is Trinity's publishing house dedicated to leadership and disability publications. It is also the creative site of Perdido magazine.
  • Oh, Fudge! is located in Joliet and specializes in homemade gourmet fudge.
  • The Trinity Barkery in Wilmington manufactures and packages "Fritters for Critters," all-natural gourmet pet treats.
  • Jasmine's in downtown Wilmington has a great selection of unique gifts and specialty items.
  • All Area Custom Designs in Joliet specializes in customized clothing, embroidery, silk screening, and heat transfers.
  • The Silver Creek Mill in Mascoutah specializes in gifts and decor items.

What types of donations are accepted?

Gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, and deferred gifts such as life income (Annuity, Unitrust), life insurance policies, charitable lead trusts, and bequests will be accepted.You can donate on-line any time by visiting our donations page.

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