Southwest Illinois

Mascoutah, Illinois

Forty-two acres of prairie land in eastern St. Clair County, Illinois, is the perfect spot for a new and innovative agriculture program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This is Trinity’s Southwest service area. Here, participants access residential, learning and work opportunities that add value to their lives and their community.

Trinity Gardens and Farmstead is a working, learning and recreational space for the entire community. It is one of Trinity’s Adult Learning programs, and it is a productive and Earth-friendly enterprise. Starting in 2010, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities began tilling the soil and planting crops to create a sustainable ecosystem on the land. The site plan includes gardens, orchards, homes, a lake and recreation areas. The farm emphasizes native plants, natural drainage and the conservation of resources.

The farmstead is the culmination of many years of planning by Trinity Services staff and members of the ALFA Foundation. The foundation is a nonprofit community group that encourages and assists Trinity to fulfill its mission to Southwest Illinois. The farmstead is developing in phases, with residential, agricultural and recreational programs expanding along with the number of individuals who participate. The project receives significant community support, from volunteers who help work the land to runners who participate in the annual 5K race to shoppers at the gift shop and farmers market.

In addition to the farmstead, many other activities are available to people served in southwest Illinois. Living, working, and recreating in the community creates opportunities for full and abundant living for all.

To learn more about Southwest services, upcoming events, or the developing farmstead, contact Director Mike Lowry at