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In September 1995, Trinity Services Inc. of Illinois expanded 2,000 miles west to serve and support people with disabilities who live in Reno/Sparks, Nevada.  Initially, Trinity provided 24-hour residential supports in an ICF/MR setting, today all residential supports are Supported Living Arrangements (SLA’s).  In an SLA setting Trinity Services, Inc., the person seeking services and the State Of Nevada enter into a contractual agreement to provide the requested services.   Services are contracted based on the needs of the individual and are determined by the individual’s team. Thus services can range from very intensive supports (24-hour) to just a few hours a week or in-home supports if needed.   

In an effort to increase the array of day services available to individuals with developmental disabilities Trinity opened an Adult Learning Program, known as The O.F.F.I.C.E. (Opportunities for Further Individualized Community Experiences) in 1998, the Work Center in 2004 and an Integrated Work Environment in 2006.

Residential Services

When it comes to serving and supporting people with disabilities, Trinity Services strives to provide as many choices as possible.  From structured twenty-four hour Supported Living Arrangements to individualized intermittent supports, Trinity Services provides many options to meet varied needs.  Our belief is that the homes are those of the individuals who live there.  To the extent possible and with the support of staff, everyone learns to help with meal planning, household chores, shopping, and cleaning as well as planning and attending social activities.

 Supported Living Arrangements: (24 hour intensive supports)

The SLA homes are located within the Reno/Sparks community and serve from 2 to 4 individuals in each home.  Individuals may have their own bedroom or may share with one other person.  This environment has twenty–four hour support and depending on the needs of the individuals living there they may have overnight staff that remain awake or are present to aid in an emergency.  The activities, level of assistance and pace of the houses is determined by the medical, behavioral concerns and circumstances of the individuals who live there.  Nursing support is available for medication assistance as well as twenty-four hour emergency assistance.

For more information about 24-hour services please contact Stephanie Pohl at 775-857-2500

Supported Living Arrangements: (Individualized intermittent supports)

Intermittent SLA services are provided to individuals who live in the Reno/Sparks community.  The level of staff support can range from a few hours a day to several hours a week, each persons support needs are assessed and decided by the person’s team.  Those who live in SLAs, with periodic support, generally live with a family member or in an apartment.  They may or may not have roommates.  Intermittent supports include assistance with skills including budgeting, meal planning, food preparation, shopping, advocacy, employment, household chores, social planning, community access, as well as medical support.

For more information about our Intermittent program please contact Stephanie Pohl at 775-857-2500.

Day Services

The O.F.F.I.C.E. is a community-based program that offers various educational, recreational and pre-vocational opportunities.  Set up much like a school curriculum, participants enjoy core courses and club activities.  Individuals take part in six sessions a day and then choose a club to attend to finish out their day.  Curriculum consists of such topics as, Money Management, Personal Hygiene, Arm Chair Travel, Nature and Wildlife, Diet & Nutrition, Exercise and Safety.  During their lunch hour participants are exposed to a wide variety of hobbies in which to participate.   Participants have an opportunity weekly to engage in community experiences where they participate in activities offered around town. 

For information regarding the Adult Day Service Program please contact: Stephanie Pohl at 775-857-2555.

For those individuals who are interested in earning a pay check, Trinity has a Work Center where we contract with local vendors.  Individuals are given an opportunity to work on a variety of tasks and receive a paycheck for work completed.  A unique aspect of the Work Center is the opportunity for community involvement and building relationships.   We have worked hard to develop a structured program that offers many opportunities for learning.  Currently we do product assembly and packaging with the desire to expand our work options for those we employ. 

Individuals participating in the Supported Employment program receive assistance in becoming employed - often for the first time.  Job-seekers are guided through the process of identifying a preferred job, applying for the job, and then interviewing.  The individuals will receive on –the-job support from a job coach as needed.  This type of service enables persons with disabilities to achieve independence through employment, earning their own money, and being a responsible and valued member of their community. 

For more information on our Work Center or Job Support services please contact Kim Pezonella at 775-857-2500.