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If you have been notified that you or your loved one are a member of the Ligas Lawsuit class, you may be eligible for certain community services and supports. The Ligas Lawsuit in the state of Illinois has resulted in additional residential, adult learning or day program, and home based support funding being made available to persons with developmental disabilities. Trinity Services may be able to provide some or all of the services you are seeking.

The state of Illinois Department of Human Services has an explanation of the Ligas Lawsuit and provides detailed information for people with disabilities and their families here.

If you or your family member wish to receive services through Ligas, you must first participate in a screening from an Individual Services and Supports Pre-Admission and Screening Agency, often referred to as an ISSA or PAS Agency. The screening agency will help you determine what services you can get and what providers may be willing to serve you.

To locate the screening agency that serves your geographic area, find your location on the Department of Human Services locator page.

If you or your family member have already participated in the screening process and have been determined to be eligible for supports, your name can be pulled from the state's PUNS list when funding becomes availble. For an explanation of the PUNS process, if it applies to you, see the state of Illinois PUNS information page.

Trinity Services may be able to offer several services to members of the Ligas Class who have funding available, including residential supports, adult learning or day program services, or home-based supports.

Residential Services

Trinity assists persons who live in a variety of settings, including people who require 24 hour staff support, as well as persons who need periodic or intermittent supports. For more information about community living at Trinity, click here. You may also call Jennifer Klouse at (815) 485-6197.

 Home-based Services

Some people who are part of the Ligas Lawsuit seek services that allow them to live with family members, or in their own homes. Trinity Services can offer supports such as case management, employment services, or personal support workers to help someone in his or her own home. Ligas funding can be used in this manner. For more information about Home-Based services, see our Home-based page, or contact Jennifer Klouse at (815) 485-6197.


 Adult Learning Services

In addition to the types of services above, some people use Ligas funding to purchase Adult Learning services. Trinity offers a variety of Adult Learning experiences designed to help people reach a greater level of independence in daily living skills, work skills, and/or recreational skills. To learn more about Adult Learning, click here.

For more information about any of the services listed above, contact Jennifer Klouse at (815) 485-6197, or email her.

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