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Day Treatment

The Day Treatment Center is a structured setting that provides individuals with a daily program of therapeutic and social activities. Participants are offered a variety of activities with their group, in the community, and in daily psycho-educational sessions. Activities are structured according to an individual's treatment needs and choices.


Group therapy topics and activities include: interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, anger management, the place of humor in mental health, men's and women's issues, horticultural therapy, nutrition, exercise, and more. The center uses evidence-based practices to create a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere for these activities, which can promote better learning and personal growth.


Individual, group and family therapy are available five days a week at the center, located at 2301 Glenwood Ave. in Joliet, IL. For more information, contact Bonnie Hassan at 815-730-8221.


Centers for Dual Diagnosis

Trinity's Centers for Dual Diagnosis are located at the Oak Center and the Hoff Road Center. They offer individual and group therapy, adult day treatment, outpatient therapy, and family support services. The services are available to individuals who have been dually diagnosed with both a mental illness and an intellectual/developmental disability.

The Oak Center sits on 20 acres near Lockport Township. Group therapy and individual counseling occur daily. Additional activities include softball, sand volleyball, basketball and disc golf. The site also offers walking trails and a fishing pond, which encourage participants to explore healthy activities while developing independence, self-esteem and improved psychological functioning.

The Oak Center – 18100 Oak Ave., Lockport, IL
For more information, call Andy Long at 815-774-0327.

The Hoff Road Center – 17154 Hoff Road, Elwood, IL
For more information, call Jenny Cohen at 815-478-7625.


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