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Remember a time when a powerful transformation changed your life for the better. Now, consider how it would feel to wrap up the power of positive transformation and give it as a gift to someone who longs for it above all else.
You can. And through your support of Trinity Services, you will.


Being Understood

Kevin was beyond frustrated.
As a young man who is cognitively impaired and
nonverbal, Kevin cannot voice his thoughts or make
requests. Instead, he uses hand signs of his own creation.

Without a way to accurately communicate with
others in a world full of sound, feelings of exasperation and isolation overtook him.

So, Kevin expressed his frustration through actions.

He put holes in walls. He threw anything that was not
nailed down and broke anything that was breakable. His bed had to be fixed to the floor and his television encased in plexiglass.

To make matters worse, Kevin’s emotional pain was amplified by physical pain. He suffered from fluid buildup in his lungs, caused by a then-undiagnosed extra lobe. Sadly, he was unable to tell anyone about his symptoms.

Despite the many obstacles they faced in working with Kevin, a small group of dedicated staff members provided him with individualized support and companionship. They learned Kevin’s nonverbal means of expressing himself, and in an effort to help him communicate, they introduced him to assistive technology.

Through the patience and persistence of staff, Kevin began to pursue his interests and was able to receive the medical care he needed. As time passed, his personality and sense of humor began to shine through, revealing the true Kevin who everybody enjoys today. He likes tinkering with mechanical devices and loves to watch home improvement television shows.

“It’s rewarding and exciting when Kevin learns to do something,” said Hannah Sopoci, his case manager. “And at the end of the day, he teaches us quite a bit.”

Today, Kevin visits restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores and is active in his community — something that seemed impossible just a couple of years ago. Rather than taking the door off of the refrigerator in the kitchen, he makes eggs or washes dishes. Instead of throwing a plate against the wall, he asks staff members to join him in watching an exciting scene on TV. And rather than smashing a chair, Kevin works on making them through his involvement with New Lenox Woodworks, a Trinity Adult Learning Program.

“The care that Trinity staff have given my son, Kevin, and the progress he has made have been amazing,” said Paul, Kevin’s father.

Your support allows Trinity Services to help people like Kevin, who have complex behavior challenges, be understood and pursue their dreams.

Being Free


Every butterfly begins life as a caterpillar, goes
through a metamorphosis to grow its wings and
then flies free.

Lu Ann spread her wings on July 27, 2015, the day
she moved into her own apartment through permanent supportive housing at Trinity Services.

“In this apartment, I am free,” she
said. “I am safe. I do not have to be in situations I don’t want to be in.”

As a child and young adult, Lu Ann was the victim of physical and emotional abuse. In her 20s, she was diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder and dissociative identity disorder.

Lu Ann was in an abusive relationship for several years but managed to leave this troubling relationship in 2001 and move into a supervised living arrangement. She began volunteering at the DuPage County Health Department and became a Wellness Recovery Action Plan facilitator. In 2005, she earned a certificate in human services psychiatric rehabilitation from the College of DuPage.

In 2012, Lu Ann began to suffer from physical illnesses, including heart problems and an inner ear condition that affects her hearing and balance. The stress of the ailments and symptoms of mental illness brought on a deep depression. She felt trapped in her living arrangement. The only times she left were to go to doctor’s appointments.

Eventually, Lu Ann moved to a Waukegan nursing home that provides behavioral health care. She devoted time to helping herself while there, but continued to be unhappy in this setting. Finally, an outreach worker helped connect her with Trinity.

On July 27, 2015, what Luann refers to as her “day of freedom”, she moved into her own apartment with Trinity Services. Soon after, she became a member of the Delta Epsilon Tau Honor Society with the U.S. Career Institute, where she is taking online classes in accounting.

Today, she volunteers at a legislator’s office, is involved with her church and peer counseling, and is in a loving relationship. Although Luann experiences days when physical ailments and mental illness seem overwhelming, she is strengthened by the knowledge that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Your support allows Trinity Services to provide treatment and safe, supportive housing to people like Lu Ann, allowing them to find their own freedom.

Being Enriched

AJKnowledge can open doors that were once closed
and create endless possibilities.

Since coming to Trinity Services, A.J. learns
something new or has a new experience every
day at The Branch, Trinity’s well-being and
enrichment center in New Lenox for young adults
with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

He learns about life, goes on trips with his peers
and takes it all in with an open, curious mind.

That is quite a contrast from A.J.’s childhood
experience. He contended with health problems
when he was very young, experienced abuse and
neglect from those close to him, and only received schooling through the fifth grade. At one point, A.J. lived in a crowded hotel room with his family. He remembers it being loud, overcrowded and without privacy.

“He’s been through a lot,” said a Trinity staff member who works with A.J. “But he is very strong.”

Today, A.J. lives with housemates of his choice in a lovely home in a suburban community. Like most young men, girls are a keen interest, and he enjoys hanging out with his friends, who break into a chorus of “Hey, A.J.!” when they see him.

Since coming to Trinity, A.J. relishes his rich social life, privacy at home, opportunities to go on trips with his friends, home-cooked meals, and new experiences, like going on carnival rides and nature hikes.

“I like being here,” A.J. said. “I look back at my life from then to now, and I’m doing a lot better.”

Your support allows Trinity Services to help people like A.J. overcome their challenges, learn about the world and build positive relationships with those around them, enriching their lives.

Through services and supports, people gain understanding, freedom and enrichment — just a few of the individual gifts that comprise the present of positive transformation.

We rely on your support to give that present to all of the people with developmental disabilities and mental illness whom Trinity Services supports.

Please consider giving the present of positive transformation by making a tax-deductible contribution to Trinity Services. Donate today. Thank you for your support.

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