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Executive Director Art Dykstra testifies about staffing crisis before Illinois legislators

Apr 06, 2017

On Tuesday, April 4, Executive Director Art Dykstra testified before a joint meeting of the Illinois House Human Services, Special Needs Services and Appropriations committees to draw legislators’ attention to the issues Trinity Services and other disability service providers in Illinois are facing because of a lack of appropriate funding from the State.

Art focused on the fact that “there is no such thing as all of a sudden,” as this problem has built throughout the years to become the major workforce crisis we face today.

The video of the hearing below includes Art’s testimony, as well as testimony from Gus van de Brink, executive director of Sertoma Centre, Inc., and Greg O’Connor, CEO of Sparc.

The video can help viewers gain a better understanding of the issues that community-based providers are facing. Please share it on social media.

The fight for an end to the workforce crisis will continue until a solution is reached. The people Trinity serves and the direct support professionals who work with them deserve more.

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