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Trinity Corporate Center

301 Veterans Parkway, New Lenox, IL 60451

In November 2013, Trinity Services, Inc. moved into its new home. The building houses offices for four residential networks, Fund Development, and Administrative offices, as well as a large community room used for training purposes and a small Cafe.

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Trinity Services’ New Headquarters FAQ

 One of the benefits of acquiring and moving into this building was that it allowed Trinity to consolidate operations for several residential programs, and administrative and support functions at the same location, thus affording a more efficient and cost effective operation.

 What follows are answers to some of the questions that we have been asked.

 Q: How did Trinity get the money to pay for this new building?

A: Since its inception in 1950, Trinity has strived to be a good steward of the resources it has, financial and otherwise. As the organization has grown from serving a handful of people in its early years to over 2,500 people annually; its main administrative offices continued to operate out of the original building on Gougar Road, with satellite offices operating out of leased properties.

Given the efficiencies it would gain by having virtually all of its offices under one roof, Trinity launched its Expanding Horizons capital campaign in 2000 to construct a building on Gougar Road on land it owns in unincorporated Joliet in New Lenox Township.

Q: How much money did the campaign raise?

A: The campaign raised 3.2 million dollars from many generous donors who recognized the importance of this project and wanted to contribute.

Q: If Trinity was going to originally build on land it owns, how did it come to purchase the building on Veterans Parkway?

A: We were fortunate in that a Trinity employee happened to learn that the unfinished building was up for what is called a short sale and mentioned it to CEO Art Dykstra. A short sale is when a property is sold for less than what is owed on it, ensuring that the purchaser is not held responsible for the difference. Unfortunately, the developer ran out of money and was unable to finish the building. Trinity was able to purchase the 38,000 square foot property located in the beautiful New Lenox Commons for far less than it was worth, and at less than what it would cost to construct a new building in a location which did not yet have sewer and water.

Q: What advantages will the new building give Trinity?

A: The largest advantage is in allowing Trinity to move almost all administrative and professional staff to one location. This will eliminate lease payments for five offices we currently rent. Additionally, the payment on the new building will be less expensive than the ongoing cost of renting so many properties.

Q: Could Trinity have used the Capital Campaign money that was raised for salary increases or bonuses?

A: Although Trinity Services Board of Directors and leadership staff appreciate this kind of question, especially in this difficult economy, it is not legally possible to use these monies for operating expenses such as staff compensation. Additionally, the donors of Trinity’s Expanding Horizons campaign made their contributions with the express purpose of constructing a new building. Gifts such as this are referred to as restricted. A restricted gift cannot be used for anything other than the purpose for which it was given.
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