Trinity Services, Inc

Mission and Vision

"There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist
another human being—to help someone succeed."

                                                                                                   Alan Loy McGinnis

Culture and Philosopy"...To help someone succeed." The board of directors, leadership, and staff of Trinity Services are dedicated to doing just that.

Through the support of the community we are able to assist individuals with disabilities to achieve success in their personal goals. Whether it is learning to dress or cook independently, pursue a hobby, or maintain a cherished job, each person's goals are vitally important to us.

An Everything Counts philosophy is at the core of all Trinity programs. Every action, thought and experience is meaningful at some level. Every staff interaction with a person who has a disability or mental health needs creates a ripple effect. Strong relationships are encouraged and supported between staff members and individuals receiving services, and between supervisors and their staff.

Trinity develops programs for employees that recognize the value of relationships. Employee performance evaluations, Kindness Day, Lillie Leapit awards, and Bucket Notes are just a few of the programs that benefit Trinity employees by recognizing good work and extra effort. These programs reinforce the value of maintaining positive relationships across the agency.

For 65 years, Trinity Services has been helping people with disabilities live full and abundant lives. We are guided by a philosophy of servant leadership—a commitment to placing the needs of others before your own. In this way, Trinity strives to be a role model, leading by example in the area of social responsibility.

Trinity Services is a 501(c)3 organization.


Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality, person-directed services and supports to people with disabilities and mental illness so that they may flourish and live full and abundant lives.

Trinity Core Values

    • Servant Leadership
    • Serving and Supporting
    • Honest and Open Communications
    • Discretionary Effort
    • Personal Growth
    • Thinking Ahead, Following Through
    • Collaboration
    • Stewardship
    • Achieving Outcomes
    • Continuous Improvement

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