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Community Living

Community living programs are group homes and apartments for persons who need support to live in the community. The program’s goal is to promote a self-sufficient and satisfying life, which includes having access to quality mental and physical health care as well as social and recreational opportunities.

Transitional care is provided in supervised group homes (the average stay being approximately 6 months). Homes provide a transition for persons recently leaving a psychiatric facility or for persons who need intensive structure on a temporary basis.

Permanent living arrangements, in community homes, are designed for those individuals who, with support and mental health services, are able to live in the community with regular staff support.

For persons capable of independent living, apartments are available in the Lockport, IL, area and the Villa Park, IL, area. They include intermittent staff support and access to day treatment and/or intermittent counseling support.

For more information about Community Living, contact Mike Mecozzi at 815-717-1700.

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