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Many stories have unfolded over the years as Trinity has supported people with disabilities to live full and abundant lives. Some stories, such as those featured here, paint an especially vivid picture of our mission in action.

  • Rose: Achieving dreams

    Jan 04, 2017

    When Rose was in high school in the late 1960s, her classmates made fun of and belittled her in front of her peers because she struggled with reading. Rose, who has a moderate cognitive disability, had no special education program to turn to at her school.

    The public ridicule Rose faced became too much for her to bear, and she dropped out of high school. The decision was one of the hardest choices she made in her life and one that broke her heart.

    Despite her early setback, Rose never gave up on her love for learning or on her dream of one day going back to school to earn her high school diploma. Eventually, with her sister’s help, she began receiving services from Trinity.

    It was Trinity staff who helped her to go back to school through attending evening classes at Joliet Township High School. They ensured she made it to classes and gave her the supports she needed to have a successful experience.

    Earlier this year, at the age of 66, Rose attained her lifelong goal of receiving her high school diploma. Now, she is more passionate about education than ever before.

    “If you quit — it doesn’t matter what age you are — go back and get your diploma or GED,” Rose said. “That’s most important. I am very proud of myself for going back.

    “I cried when they told me I graduated.”

    Rose’s favorite subject in school was cooking. She frequently cooks for herself and for anyone who visits her at her apartment. She makes meals and desserts from scratch, and with the skills she acquired from completing her high school education, she hopes to write and publish her own cookbook.

    When asked what she was most proud of in her life other than receiving her high school diploma, Rose said it was simply helping other people — whether through her volunteer position at Presence St. Joseph Medical Center or through consoling friends when they are going through hard times. With your help, we are able to assist people like Rose to realize their dreams and live life to the fullest.

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  • Darlene: Employed and empowered

    Jan 04, 2017

    With very little funding for mental health services in Illinois, many young people diagnosed with a mental illness are forced to live in nursing homes. A young adult living in a nursing home has little to no opportunities to make friends, attend concerts, go on dates, build a career or partake in any of the activities he or she might be interested in.

    Darlene moved into one such nursing home in 2006, at the young age of 25, and spent six years and 14 days there — an amount of time ingrained into her memory, as she was counting the days until she could move out.

    In 2012, while participating in one of Trinity Services’ outpatient clinical programs, Darlene told staff how unhappy she was to be living in a nursing home. Trinity staff helped Darlene gain the confidence and resources she needed to pursue the life she wanted for herself and make the move to live in a home supported by Trinity.

    “Before, I avoided talking to strangers — especially on the phone — and was afraid to ask for what I wanted,” Darlene said. “Now, thanks to Trinity staff, I am able to ask for whatever I want, ask questions at work and home, and schedule my own transportation.”

    After coming to Trinity, Darlene began volunteering at Our Lady of Angels Retirement Home, and after demonstrating exemplary compassion and reliability for a few months, she was offered a paid position.

    Darlene works three days a week in the housekeeping department. Through overcoming challenges at her job, she has continued to grow and become more self-confident.

    With her paycheck from Our Lady of Angels — which she radiantly smiles at the very thought of receiving — Darlene is striving to have her own apartment. Next on her to-do list is to sign up for art classes that will help her improve her drawing skills. With her newfound confidence, she is sure to succeed.

    With your help, Trinity Services is able to employ a team of job developers and coaches to help the people we serve gain meaningful employment that extends their independence and gives them the pride and joy of earning a paycheck.

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  • Tom and Matt: Together again

    Jan 04, 2017

    The loss of a parent at any age is difficult, but for a young adult with a developmental disability, it means the loss of a best friend, a teacher, a caregiver, a role model and someone to lean on.

    For brothers Tom and Matt, their mother’s cancer diagnosis was the beginning of a very difficult time in their lives. The teenagers, who both have developmental disabilities, faced the deep emotional strain of the disease wedging its way into their home and family.

    To make matters worse, as their mother — unable to win the battle against the aggressive cancer — neared her final days, the financial strain of treatments and hospital stays took its toll and eventually left the teens with nowhere else to sleep but in the same hospital as their mother. Through it all, at least they had each other.

    In all of that darkness, a light finally began to glow when Tom received emergency funding to move into a group home at Trinity Services. Tom was glad to be in a safe, comfortable home with friends. But Matt went to live with a relative, only to later end up in a homeless shelter. For the first time in the teens’ lives, they were separated from one another.

    Upon getting to know Tom, Trinity staff learned that he had a brother who he missed terribly and was worried about. Working hard, Trinity staff members were able to locate Matt and reunite him with his brother. Best of all, they are once again able to live together in the same home.

    Today, the brothers are making progress developing life skills, learning new things at school and simply enjoying being together again. Because you support Trinity, we are able to help these brothers enjoy life together.

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