Autism and Family Resource Center


Trinity Services operates the Autism and Family Resource Center to address the growing needs of area families.  The Center is open daily to provide a variety of services to the community.

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Clinical Services

Professionally trained and compassionate staff provide a range of clinical services tailored for the needs of each child and family. A team of Licensed Clinical Psychologists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts use empirically supported treatments and promote best practices in the field to ensure that each family receives effective and efficient high-quality services.  The following services are available:

Diagnostic Evaluations: Comprehensive evaluations provide families an understanding of children’s strengths and deficits and will assist in future planning.

Problem Behavior Reduction: Interventions are selected according to best practices and data-based assessments. Focus on training parents and caregivers to implement interventions in the natural environment.

Individual Skill Acquisition Services: Trinity staff use parent input and data-based assessments to select target skills and then teach parents how to implement protocols using Behavioral Skills Training (instructions, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback).

Toilet Training: Intensive toilet training services are provided by experienced staff who provide training and support for parents/caregivers, carefully monitor progress on a daily basis, and adjust procedures based on the needs of the individual.

Group Social Skills Training: Empirically-based interventions are used to teach social skills to small groups of individuals with similar needs. The parent training component allows parents/guardians to promote generalization of the targeted skills.

In-Home Services: Specialized staff provide positive therapeutic services based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in the child’s home environment. Complex tasks are broken down into small, clear steps to encourage success. Goals are tailored for each child.

Family Counseling: Family counseling services will be offered in the near future in order to help families cope with the stress of living with autism


Community Outreach

A critical component of the Center’s mission centers on community outreach and training. We provide seminars on a variety of topics for caregivers, educators, and other professionals in the community.  The Center offers the following seminars: 

  • First Responders Training: Alerting law enforcement personnel and other first responders to situations in which they may encounter individuals with ASD. 

  • Parent and Family Education: Providing support and education for families who have received a new diagnosis. 

  • Educator Training: Designed for teachers and other educators who serve the ASD population.

  • Day Care Provider Training: Educating caregivers who are in a position to detect early symptoms.

  • Pediatrician Training: Helping doctors detect symptoms and refer patients for a proper diagnostic and treatment services


Resource Library

Our resource library provides a warm and inviting atmosphere where knowledgeable staff welcome parents and provide them information about our various resources, services, and upcoming community events. Families can borrow books, games, toys, and other learning aids for short periods of time.

 The Autism Support Center can be contacted at 815-462-4273, or by sending an e-mail to Carl Indovina .


About Autism  

  Early Identification Can Change Lives

  Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are a group of neurologically-based developmental           disabilities.

  • Approximately 1 in 150 people in the United States could be diagnosed with ASD.
  • ASDs begin during early childhood and last throughout a person's life.
  • Scientists do not know exactly what causes the problem. ASDs can impact a person's functioning across a wide range, from very mild to severe.

  Individuals with ASDs:

  • May have problems with social, emotional, and communication skills.
  • Might repeat certain behaviors and might not want change in their daily activities.
  • May have different ways of learning, paying attention, or reacting to things.
  • Do not differ in appearance, but they may communicate, interact, behave and learn in ways that are different from typical peers.

  (Source: The Autism Program of Illinois)


If you suspect that your child has an ASD,

call the Trinity Autism and Family Resource Center at

(815) 462 – 4ASD (4273) for a diagnostic evaluation.

The Autism and Family Resource Center is at:

13318 W. Lincoln Hwy.,
New Lenox, IL 60451