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Oh Fudge!

Nothing beats fresh, homemade fudge for an elegant and fun treat! 
  • You're guaranteed sweet memories when you serve small, personalized boxes at your shower, wedding, graduation, refudgepicfortrinitywebsite2013union, retirement, religious event, etc.
  • Or, send a sweet message to a friend, family member, co-worker or business associate.
  • Divine flavors and a variety of packages allow you to create a unique treat.
  • Use Oh Fudge! to boost your fund-raising revenues.

How do you like your fudge?

Some flavors, shapes and sizes are seasonal.

Chocolate, chocolate walnut, chocolate mint, chocolate amaretto, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate rum raisin, vanilla, vanilla praline, pumpkin, pumpkin walnut, candy cane, Snickers, butter pecan, turtle, M & M, maple, maple walnut, creamsicle

Pumpkins, turkeys, snowmen, Santas, Christmas trees, Easter bunnies and more!

Customized boxes and attractive tins, ranging in size from 2 ounces to 2 pounds

Check out the Oh Fudge! website to order

Or, call in your order: 815-722-3923
Oh Fudge! is located in Joliet, IL. All proceeds benefit the persons served by Trinity Services.

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